Hebergement ile de la Desirade

Hebergement ile de la Desirade

Presentation of La Désirade by the tourist office of La Desirade:

"Off the Pointe des Châteaux, here is La Désirade, the much desired island!
From a distance, its shape evokes the shell of an inverted boat.

La Desirade lives out of time. Calm and simplicity characterize our tabular rock very different from the other islands of the archipelago. Nothing seems indeed to be able to disturb the calm atmosphere which reigns on the island, nor to modify the authenticity and the benevolent reception of its inhabitants.

11 km long and two meters wide, it has beautiful white sand beaches protected by long coral reefs that will delight bathers and divers.
Only the South coast is inhabited. The only straight road links Beauséjour, the main town, to the different districts, Les Galets, Le Souffleur and Baie-Mahault.

The archipelago Desiradean, since composed of the islands of Petite-Terre classified natural reserves since 1998 which are attached to it, offers a surprisingly diversified vegetation. There are also beautiful and interesting colonies of endemic animals.
Lovers of hiking will be thrilled. Indeed, most of the island consists of hiking trails, making the paradise of eco-tourists.

The few vestiges still present testify to our rich historical and cultural heritage.
The Desirade is more than 145 million years old and is the first land formed in the Lesser Antilles, which arouses the curiosity of geological researchers. The rich and diversified soil according to the section of the island is in greater volcanic party and abounds with semi precious stones such as Radioliths, Basalts, Calcedoines, Gabbros, Prénithes.

The Desirade is famous for its fish that you can enjoy at any time of the year, its cashew confit available from March to May and more and more for its kid who is celebrating every year during the Easter weekend .

We go to the Désirade by sea (45 minutes from the ferry terminal of Saint-François), or by air (15 minutes from the aerodrome of Saint-François).

Whether you are passionate about history, gastronomy, geology, nature and sea lovers or simply looking for a quiet place to relax with family and friends, you are welcome on the island. of the Desirade. "